Our Mission & Philosophy

Southstone Recovery Center is a leading provider of addiction treatment for women who are suffering from substance use disorders and may have related mental health concerns. Offering a safe space where women can focus solely on receiving the treatment they deserve, Southstone Recovery Center is proud to help our participants discover a path to a more optimistic future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women find purpose and develop the skills necessary to successfully achieve long-term recovery.

Our Vision

Southstone Recovery Center’s vision is to be the premier treatment facility for women who are struggling with substance use disorders. We support them as they address the challenges they are facing so that they can begin to heal.

Our Philosophy

We believe that to make a lasting change, it’s necessary to first become aware of behavioral patterns, accept that they exist and can be modified, learn alternative coping strategies, commit to the process of change, maintain honesty with yourself and others, and take action consistently toward healthy living.