Professional Referrals

At Southstone Recovery Center, we value our relationships with the professionals who refer their patients to our facility. With each participant’s consent, we’ll provide you with regular updates on their progress throughout treatment when clinically appropriate.

Who We Partner With

While we welcome referrals from family members and loved ones, many of those who refer patients to us are professionals in the surrounding communities.

Our most common sources of patient referrals include:

• Employee assistance program representatives
• Counselors and therapists
• Hospitals (ERs and case managers)
• Other treatment facilities
• Physicians
• Community service boards
• Attorneys or SAP representatives
• Social workers
• Probation and parole officers

Our Referral Process

Our goal is to make the referral process as easy as possible for our professional partners. We value your time, and we work hard to streamline the process so that you can focus on your other professional obligations.

To refer someone to Southstone Recovery Center, contact our admissions department anytime, 24/7. During normal business hours, one of our admissions coordinators will walk you through a patient assessment and request prescreening information and medical records. If you’re calling after hours, a representative will help complete the assessment and ask you to fax over your patient’s records.

If we decide that the patient you’re referring would benefit from our program, we will contact you and schedule them for admission.

Once the participant arrives at Southstone Recovery Center, we’ll notify you. Our primary counselor will contact you again within 72 hours and weekly thereafter for coordination of care if the participant agrees to this communication.

Benefits of Being a Professional Referral Source

If you refer someone to Southstone Recovery Center, you can be assured that they’ll receive compassionate, evidence-based care from a staff of experienced professionals. We will set them up for success by allowing them to focus solely on their treatment in a safe, welcoming space to begin their recovery.

Other benefits of referring someone to our treatment center in South Boston, Virginia, include:

• A straightforward admissions process
• The option to receive regular updates, with your patient’s permission, from our staff
• Access to monthly community education workshops on topics related to substance use disorders and the unique needs of women in recovery

We’re excited to work with you in a way that benefits you and allows patients in need to receive the care they deserve.

Admissions Review

The admissions review process at our adult treatment center in South Boston, VA

Once we have received the admission application with all necessary documentation, our clinical director will review all relevant information and take one of the following actions:

  • Accept the referral
  • Deny the referral
  • Request more current information
  • Request a clinical interview with the referred participant

If a referral is denied, we will provide an alternative recommendation upon request. Both the family and the referral source will be given the reason for denial.   

If the referral is accepted and the family authorizes us to share information, we will contact the referring professional to coordinate care.  

For additional information about referring patients or clients to Southstone, or for answers to any questions you may have about any aspect of our programming, please contact us at your convenience.