Why Choose Us

Making the decision to pursue treatment for a substance use disorder is courageous. At Southstone Recovery Center, we believe that we’re uniquely positioned to help women make the changes necessary to achieve long-term recovery.

Personalized Treatment for Women

Women who are struggling with an addiction have specialized needs. At Southstone Recovery Center, we take these unique concerns into account in our female-only partial hospitalization program (PHP).

Our gender-specific treatment meets you where you are in your recovery journey. Throughout your experience in our PHP, you will follow a plan that is customized to fit your needs.

Though every participant walks their own road to recovery, elements like group therapy can empower women to understand that they’re not on this journey alone. These sessions allow participants to hear each other’s stories, develop skills to overcome their struggles, and build bonds that can last.

Determining Your Specific Needs

Prior to admission, each woman in our partial hospitalization program participates in a comprehensive assessment that allows us to chart a course of action.

Our experts will use the background information from your assessment to formulate a personalized treatment plan that will guide your time in our PHP. We will adjust this accordingly based on your treatment progress and recovery goals.

All programming you participate in can help shape your understanding of your personal journey and allow you to develop the skills necessary to achieve lasting recovery.

Planning for the Future

At Southstone Recovery Center, we understand that treatment is just the first step on the road to recovery. That’s why we start planning for your eventual discharge at the beginning of your time with us.

Each participant in our partial hospitalization program receives a personalized aftercare plan that reflects the progress they made during their time in treatment. This plan may include recommendations for a step-down level of care, professional referrals, community-based resources, or other services that will best support their efforts toward sustainable sobriety.

While you’re here, we will help you work on strategies that can allow you to find the happiness you deserve. But our investment in your well-being will continue long after your discharge date.