Premier Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for Adult Women

Women who are struggling with addiction often face different barriers to recovery than men do. At Southstone Recovery Center, we offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP) that addresses the concerns that are unique to women, helping them make changes that can lead to lasting recovery.

About Our PHP for Women

At Southstone Recovery Center, we know that women’s lived experiences are different from men’s, and this can influence how they respond to therapy. For this reason, we designed the partial hospitalization program at our center in South Boston, Virginia, to address the specific needs of women.

Our PHP serves women age 18 and older who have addictions to substances such as alcohol, opioids, or cocaine. This program also supports women who have both an addiction and a mental health concern, or co-occurring disorders. This includes women who have co-occurring disorders such as an anxiety disorder, depression, or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

At this level of care, PHP participants receive a full day of treatment seven days a week. Women who choose the PHP at Southstone Recovery Center benefit from programming that empowers them to take ownership of their recovery. This environment can feel less intimidating for them because they’re surrounded by other women who offer a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Both of our lodges, Oak and Magnolia, are located on our serene, 200-acre campus that includes a 5-acre lake for fishing. Our campus also features studios for art and pottery, a gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, and an outdoor recreation area where women can engage in sports like soccer and football or leisure activities such as gardening and hiking. These amenities are accessible to anyone who stays in our lodges. Oak and Magnolia are separate from our dining and education facilities, giving PHP participants personal time for growth and reflection.

Because everyone heals at their own pace, our team assesses each person individually to determine how long they should remain in the program.

Care Experience

Every woman deserves care that reflects her individual needs. At Southstone Recovery Center, we take the time to learn about each participant’s medical history, past and present substance use, presenting symptoms, and treatment goals. This process allows us to gather the information we need to hand-pick the therapies and services that comprise their personalized treatment plan.

Women who take part in the PHP at our South Boston, Virginia, center can expect to participate in daily group therapy sessions that cover a range of topics depending on their recovery goals. These might include education on various substances, learning healthy ways to cope with cravings, and setting healthy boundaries.

Continuing Care

Our goal at Southstone Recovery Center is for every participant to remain in recovery long after their time at our center in South Boston, Virginia, ends. To accomplish this, we begin planning each person’s aftercare as soon as they are admitted to our PHP and work continuously on their discharge plan until they are ready to transition out of our care.

Participants typically work with their therapist, our medical team, and family members, as appropriate, to identify the next step in their recovery. This might involve stepping down to an intensive outpatient program (IOP), getting a referral for one-on-one counseling, or taking part in a local 12-Step program. As part of each person’s aftercare, we also offer monthly community education sessions, which allow our alumni to refresh their learning and connect with others who are in recovery.

Living with an addiction can be devastating, but through the specialized, gender-specific care at Southstone Recovery Center, women can rediscover a life free of drugs and alcohol.